Death to Dull

We make daring, delicious drinks for people that don’t take themselves too seriously.


Dull is the antithesis of greatness, it is the destroyer of creation, it is the water-drip torture to improvement and the downfall of your dreams. At Slayer we HATE dull, we despise it! We do everything we can (excuse the pun) to eradicate dullness and fuel greatness.
Our mission is to bring some fun, focus, and fuel to the energy drink crazies, the creators, the artists, the obsessed, the passionate, the driven, the authentic, the fun, and the slightly irreverent.
We have poured all our love, knowledge, experience, and craziness into these cans to sustainably fuel your energy and passion; to be, to do, and to have everything you have ever dreamed of.
We hope you love your Slayer as much as we loved making it and if you’re ever looking for us, you can find us at the intersection of flavour, quality, art, and energy.

This is our home.

Berries & Caramel
Orange & Raspberry
Tangy Mixed Berries
Tangy Apple Pie
Mango & Pineapple Punch

Expect to taste a mesmerizing mix of fruity
berry sweetness with a smooth undertone
of caramel.

Expect to taste a fresh tang of citrus with a
sweet raspberry finish.

Expect to taste sweet juicy berries with a
tangy sour sherbert finish.

Expect to taste green apples with a sour hit.

Expect to taste tropical Mango and Pineapple with a tangy Passionfruit twist finish.

Artists Corner

Slayer cans are in themselves a work of art. While we live to have fun we take art and flavour very seriously and Slayer will always be found at the intersection of these two. Read More...

Work With Us

Slayer is always looking for kick-ass content creators to collaborate and work with! We don't care what you do as long as it is insanely cool. Read More...

I Want To Stock Slayer

Looking for an energy drink option that can redefine your drinks menu? Read More...


Are you ready to take your taste buds on a flavour and taste journey into a land of unsurpassed pleasure? Slayers motto is ‘Death to Dull’ and we literally live by this when it comes to flavour creation… Read More ...

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