Slayer save the dates

Hi Guys.

Quick update from the Slayer team. We have been working our tail feathers off to get you guys’ box 2 with a new flavour out but unfortunately, Dec and Jan shutdown of all our bigger suppliers has destroyed lead times with our manufacturers so we going to have to postpone the subscription to February 2023.

To all of the subscribers that have already paid you get the option to either get another case of Slayer One in December (as we have stock) or a refund if you have paid already, we hope that you choose another box of Slayer One’s!

We are feeling a bit gutted to be honest but we don’t have any other options. We absolutely hope that everyone takes us up getting another case of Slayer One!!

One promise from our side. We will work our backsides off to deliver on kick ass flavours in the future and improve operations to include shutdowns.

This is usual start-up hiccups but we obviously never want to disappoint you guys, we know and appreciate all the love and support that you have been giving us!

Expect all your 2023 Slayer Energy boxes to be EPIC!


Keep Slaying

“Write your own script”
– Slayer

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