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Slayer Energy- REALMEOW

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Slayer Energy REALMEOW

Slayer x REALMEOW have collaborated to bring you a caffeine boost of tech-inspired energy based on
realme’s spirit of innovation, trendsetting ability and Slayers artistic inclination coupled with its
Death to Dull ethos.

Every sip of this insane concoction will fuel your ambition to “Make it Real” – crush your deadlines,
game harder, be better, destroy dull, have a jol and live your life at full speed.

With a unique flavour profile that will blow your mind and realmeow’s signature attitude,
it’s a perfect match for those who dare to be different, who never take no for an answer
and have the will and hustle to create their own reality.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 18 cm

Are you curious to taste the new Slayer flavour dropping in August?

Not ready for a Subscription Box level of commitment yet?

You, yes YOU, can still be one of the first people in the world to receive and taste our new and amazingly delicious concoction.

Tastes like a soda….but kicks like an energy drink!


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