Slayer Sour Apple Box


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12 x 500ml Slayer Energy Sour Apple Sour Apple Pie

12 x 500ml Slayer Energy Sour Apple Sour Apple Pie

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 18 cm

Apples… Used either for prosperity or poison… muhahahahahahaha

Revered since the dawn of time by all cultures around the world, Apples are used as symbols of love, beauty, wisdom, sweetness and the hope for prosperity. The hardiness of the fruit and its durability represents strength and growth.

In Greek mythology a tree covered with golden apples was a symbol of fertility and immortality. When the world was ruled by emperors, kings, and tzars, a golden apple constituted a royal insignia symbolising power over the entire world.

An apple sparked the chain of events leading to the Trojan war, it was used as a temptation by a serpent and eaten by our Snow White and shot off the head of his son by William Tell…

With such an incredible history to follow on, Slayer is proud to present our version of an Apple… slightly sour, but deliciously sweet enough to share with your enemies and friends…

Whether consumed for strength, energy, prosperity, immortality, or pleasure, we recommend that a Slayer Sour Apple a day will definitely keep the beasts away 💀


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