Slayer Sticker Pack



Sticker Bombs Away…

Sticker Bombs Away…

Weight ,10 kg
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 1 cm

Get ready to revamp your world with our Death to Dull Vinyl Sticker Pack – a daring collection of five vibrant and death-defying stickers that will breathe life or death into even the dullest of surfaces! These stickers are not just decorations; they are bold statements of individuality that demand attention and command respect.

Defy the mundane, tear down the barriers of conformity, and make a statement that you are not afraid to be different.

Add a touch of drama to your life, and let your belongings become a reflection of your Slayer spirit. Express yourself without words, as these stickers do all the talking for you – loud, proud, and rebellious!

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