Respecting your taste buds as of right now

As you might have noticed, at Slayer, we don’t do anything normal. This is multiplied by 100 when it comes to how we create our flavours. Luckily with our background in food and coffee, we have been tasting things for over 20 years and we go crazy for new, insane flavour combinations.
Gone are the days of USELESS focus groups! With Slayer, we pitch up at large events with our Slayer Base Mixer on draught tap and our 50 different flavours to mix and unique flavour combo’s. With our syrups, we can make over 120 000 flavour combinations and boy do we try and hit that target! We mix and match flavours on the fly and live taste with our fans and event goers to see what they think. At one event we can get over 10000 people tasting our unique mixers.
We like to think of this as Slayer Mixology.
Once we have established a unique flavour that works, we then marry it to the insane art we get submitted and we create a new can for our monthly subscription box.
Our current RTD flavours are below…


Slayer One

Expect to taste a mesmerizing mix of fruity berry sweetness with a smooth undertone of caramel.

We hope you love your Slayer One as much as we loved making it.

To all our gamers out there #slayergivesyouwins

Slayer one is available in our online store!




Twisted Blood Orange

A hit of juicy refreshing orange with a twist of something extra

Imagine you could make lemonade with no lemons, win a medal without competing, wrestle a crocodile - blindfolded. Dominate every game of rock paper scissors, sing acapella, bend steel with your mind, taste colours and see sounds, drive it like you stole it, learn astrophysics… in your sleep, and draw blood from an orange!


Slayer Twisted Blood Orange is available in our online store!




Acid Berry

A delicious aroma of juicy berries hits your senses as you open the can.

Take that delectable first sip, and you'll be greeted with a rush or tart tangy flavour, followed by a smooth, satisfying finish.



Slayer Acid Berry is available in our online store!




Sour Apple

Apples… Used either for prosperity or poison… muhahahahahahaha

Revered since the dawn of time by all cultures around the world, Apples are used as symbols of love, beauty, wisdom, sweetness and the hope for prosperity. The hardiness of the fruit and its durability represents strength and growth.

Slayer is proud to present our version of an Apple… slightly sour, but deliciously sweet enough to share with your enemies and friends…

Whether consumed for strength, energy, prosperity, immortality, or pleasure, we recommend that a Slayer Sour Apple a day will definitely keep the beasts away 💀

Slayers Sour Apple is available in our online store!


Dia De La Fruta

This can is Slayers tribute and celebration of fruit! Our shrine, or monument if you will, to a fruit punch with a kick.

“Dia de La Fruta,” is Slayer’s electrifying new energy drink that will turn your taste buds into a tropical fiesta! Brace yourself for a wild journey through the exotic realms of mango, pineapple, and passion fruit, where flavour reigns supreme and energy flows like a fruity river of awesomeness!

Slayer Dia De La Fruta is available in our online store!


Raven By Slayer

Meet Raven ... She might have actually stole the show at Rage flavour wise! She very very quickly became a crowd favourite and we have no doubt you are going to love her! Raven has been about a year in the making as a collaboration between the Kudasai team and Slayer.

The concept art, the flavour, the layout etc have all been carefully curated by botlil teams to bring you the absolute best of our combination. And we love it!

Expect to taste high notes of Cotton Candy followed by a blackberry finnish. The pear sits in the background and rounds out the full flavour profile, but it will not be front and center on the finish.
As always, we look forward to your comments, thoughts, reviews, shares and opinions on the flavours and design.
Big ups to the @kudasai.rsa team for putting this one together with us

Raven is available in our online store!




Jozi Crush

Our flavour was carefully curated and as always tasted by many fans for approval at one of our events. The flavour is completely passion fruit forward with a touch of blackberry to add some body and berry flavour and finished with a hint of banana, that should not really be tasted but added to give a caramel sweetness and umami finish. All combined it should be drink like Jozi's people, passionate, soulful, friendly but with a hint of ambition and frenetic energy their eyes

Slayer's Jozi Crush is available in our online store!




Ginger's Hell Fire

Just like Ginger. This is a little sweet, a little fruity, a little sassy and definitely SUPER WEIRD! We know that there will still probably be a small amount of you that don’t like her but that’s also ok. The combination of the coconut with the ginger tones at the back and gives it this fruity aftertaste that we have now come to crave!

Ginger's Hell Fire is available in our online store!



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