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Slayer’s syrup flavours are formulated to be mixed to create the most amazing, delectable, unique flavour profiles.
Slayer Base Mixer + Syrup Flavours

The 440ml Slayer Base Mixer energy drink is mixed with a total of 20mls syrup flavour.

This allows a mix of 1,2,3 or 4 different syrups in combination to create customized, unique flavours.

Our Syrup pumps are designed to dose 5 ml of syrup per pump.

    ★ Juicy in Red Strawberry
    ★ Let there be Blackberry
    ★ Is it Raspberry
    ★ Lick it it's Lemon
    ★ Who's a Pomegranate
    ★ Dat Peach
    ★ Go nuts for da Coconut
    ★ Not your average White Chocolate
    ★ When’s Almond
    ★ Could it be Black and Blue Raspberry
    ★ Where's the Passion Fruit
    ★ That's a huge Watermelon
    ★ Go Go Grapefruit
    ★ Luscious Lemon/Lime
    ★ It’s a dream Cream Soda
    ★ Nothing rhymes with Orange
    ★ Keep it quirky Kiwi
    ★ Not so plain Vanilla
    ★ Snappy Apple
    ★ We all out of Bubble-gum
    ★ Her name is Caramel
    ★ Where's my Tonic
    ★ Pucker up for Super Sour Lemon
    ★ The wrath of the Grape
    ★ Tastes like Litchi
    ★ My my Mango
    ★ Oh my dear Ginger Beer
    ★ Can we split the Banana
    ★ Crazy Pineapple
    ★ Very very Mixed Berry
    ★ Straight from the Rooibos Iced Tea
    ★ Is it really a Blood Orange
    ★ Carl’s Cola

Coming Soon

★ Very merry Pop Cherry
★ Suuuuuuuuuuuuper Sour Lemon
★ Why you hating on the Bitters
★ Peters Pear
★ Can you toss the Candy Floss
★ Mallow mallow Marshmallow
★ How much can you Cranberry
★ Are you on Cinnamon
★ Ned's Naartjie
★ Rock it, it's Milk Chocolate
★ A hint of Mint
★ A flower named Jasmine
★ Light light Turkish Delight

How to Make a Slayer Base Mixer

☠ Grab a vessel/container/glass of your choice.
☠ Add ice (if you like).
☠ Pour in the Slayer base.
☠ Pump in 4 of our dazzling, delicious, delectable, delightful flavours.
☠ Garnish.
☠ Serve, sip and energize.

Some Amazing Slayer Mix Combos

★ Cream Soda, Sour Lemon & Lime
★ Bubblegum & Passion Fruit
★ Orange, Almond & Black Currant
★ Peach & Watermelon
★ Raspberry, Caramel & Passion Fruit
★ Grape, Banana & Black Currant
★ Mango, Coconut & White Chocolate
★ Grape, Pomegranate & Lemon-Lime
★ Blue Raspberry, White Chocolate & Sour Lemon
★ Strawberry, Blue Raspberry & Apple
★ Blackberry, Vanilla & Sour Apple
★ Raspberry, Peach & White Chocolate
★ Cream Soda, Black Currant & Blackberry
★ Apple & Caramel
★ Passion Fruit & Coconut

Slayer Energy Drink makes everyone a mixologist! Have some fun, tap into your left brain and create your own amazing flavour combos. Our different Slayer flavours offer you a current total of over 90000 potential flavour combinations. Be sure to let us know if you have stumbled on some genius and we can let the world know about your ridiculously, insanely, ridiculously dazzling creation.

Slayer-one energy drink

Introducing Slayer One - Slayer's original ready-to-drink sugar-free flavour.

Expect to taste a mesmerizing mix of fruity berry sweetness with a smooth undertone of caramel.

We hope you love your Slayer One as much as we loved making it.

To all our gamers out there #slayergivesyouwins

Slayer one is available in our online store!



Launched February 2023 - Slayer Twisted Blood Orange - Slayer's second ready-to-drink sugar-free flavour.

A hit of juicy refreshing orange with a twist of something extra

Imagine you could make lemonade with no lemons, win a medal without competing, wrestle a crocodile - blindfolded. Dominate every game of rock paper scissors, sing acapella, bend steel with your mind, taste colours and see sounds, drive it like you stole it, learn astrophysics… in your sleep, and draw blood from an orange!


Slayer Twisted Blood Orange is available in our online store!



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