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Stock the fastest growing energy drink brand in the country!
Are you a retail outlet, garage forecourt, supermarket, grocery store, bar, restaurant or canteen and you are looking to redefine your energy drink offering?
Each Slayer Original has its own unique can design (designed by artists) and is an original, delicious, dazzling flavour.
We have just the right taste, flavour and design to WOW your customers! Not only do we have the best packaging in the market, but we have the additional benefit of being Sugar Free and we still taste dazzlingly, delectably delicious!
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Distributors & Wholesalers

We are looking for Slayer distributors and wholesalers countrywide. If you are interested in becoming a Slayer redistributor, please drop us an e-mail on

Slayer One - Slayer's Original ready to drink, Sugar free flavour

Expect to taste a mesmerizing mix of fruity berry sweetness with a smooth undertone of caramel.

We hope you love your Slayer One as much as we loved making it.

To all our gamers out there #slayergivesyouwins

Slayer Twisted Blood Orange - Slayer's second ready to drink, Sugar free flavour

A hit of juicy refreshing orange with a twist of something extra.

Imagine you could make lemonade with no lemons, win a medal without competing, wrestle a crocodile - blindfolded. Dominate every game of rock paper scissors, sing acapella, bend steel with your mind, taste colours and see sounds, drive it like you stole it, learn astrophysics… in your sleep, and draw blood from an orange!


Slayer Acid Berry - Slayer's third ready to drink, Sugar free flavour

A delicious aroma of juicy berries hits your senses as you open the can.

Take that delectable first sip, and you'll be greeted with a rush or tart tangy flavour, followed by a smooth, satisfying finish.



Launched May 2023 - Slayers Sour Apple - Slayer's fourth ready to drink, Sugar free flavour.

Slayer is proud to present our version of an Apple… slightly sour, but deliciously sweet enough to share with your enemies and friends…

Whether consumed for strength, energy, prosperity, immortality, or pleasure, we recommend that a Slayer Sour Apple a day will definitely keep the beasts away 💀

Launched July 2023 - Slayer Dia De La Fruta - Slayer's fifth ready to drink, Sugar free flavour

This can is Slayers tribute and celebration of fruit! Our shrine, or monument if you will, to a fruit punch with a kick.

“Dia de La Fruta,” is Slayer’s electrifying new energy drink that will turn your taste buds into a tropical fiesta! Brace yourself for a wild journey through the exotic realms of mango, pineapple, and passion fruit, where flavour reigns supreme and energy flows like a fruity river of awesomeness!

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