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Slayer is always looking for kick ass content creators to collaborate and work with!

We don't care what you do as long as it is insanely cool. We work with gamers, streamers, esports teams, artists, athletes, musicians, Dj’s, riders, drivers, fighters, dancers, copywriters, media producers and many more. You have probably realized by now that our motto is Death to Dull. This means that we will only work with individuals and groups that have a similar style of thinking and ethos to us. We cannot work with everyone that approaches us but we will definitely give you a fair shot to blow us away.

If you are the right type of creator and we want to work with you, Slayer has an affiliate strategy in place whereby we can sponsor stock, merch and offer discounts on stock purchased by you or your followers.

Click the applicable button below for you to fill in our Google Form and we will get back to you on the status of your application.

Slayer Energy Taneel

The Slayer brand is built around collaboration, it's ingrained in our system.

We will work with each of our creators to not only build the Slayer brand but to add value to them through our influence.

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