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Slayer currently has 2 offerings
Slayer Base Mixer

The Slayer Base Mixer 440ml Can which is a canned a neutral flavoured, carbonated, energy base formulated with caffeine, guarana, taurine, l-carnitine, vitamin B and added electrolytes. 

The Slayer Energy Base itself tastes slightly sour and slightly bitter but has no flavour. It has been formulated to specifically work with our range of Slayer flavours that can be pumped into the Base Mixer to create unique beverages. Think of it as Mixology for energy drinks.The flavours are designed to be mixed and matched to create unique taste sensations.

Slayer Originals

Our Slayer Originals 500ml Can (Pre Flavoured). Original flavours are designed to initially be sold to our Slayer subscriber base in boxes of 12. Thereafter the Slayer Originals will be available for purchase off our website and available to purchase for stockists, retailers and wholesalers. Each Slayer Original will be served in its own unique can design and will be an original, unique, delicious, dazzling flavour. Some of the cans will be sugar versions and some are sugar free.

Bar, Restaurant or Take-Away

Bars and restaurants have the option of the 440ml Slayer Energy Base and they can choose from a list of Slayer flavours for a distinctive menu offering. Contact us and Slayer Energy will work with you to create a unique and customized beverage offering for your customers.

  1. We set up a tasting with your team.
  2. We use our many available flavours to create some unique recipes.
  3. We jointly approve.
  4. We create some Point of Sale to assist in marketing and sales of Slayer in your outlet.
  5. Bob's your uncle.

Should the outlet qualify in terms of volumes the Slayer Base Mixer can also be pulled from a draught tap for a large per unit cost saving for your business. One of our sales team can assist you in this option.

Retail Outlet, Supermarket, Garage Forecourt or Wholesaler

Please contact us to discuss the Slayer retail pricing and strategy.

If you are either of the above. Please click the button below to take you to our Google Form, where you can fill in your information. One of our team will be sure to contact you to redefine your energy drink experience.

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